Earn either:

  • A free PDF download of any Vajra book of your choosing.
  • -or-
  • A printed copy of Fates Worse Than Death, Tibet, In Dark Alleys or Behind the Eyes of Madness where you pay only shipping.

    By doing one of the following:

  • One Legendary activity.
  • Five Amazing activities.
  • Twenty Heroic activities.*

    Post the details of your activities on the “Claim Your Prize” thread of the Burn Immediately message board. Say what you did, with as many juicy details as possible, and what you want for your prize. You’ll be contacted via Burn Immediately private messaging to give you a download link or arrange for shipping.

    If, for some reason, you’re not comfortable posting your exploits on a public message board, PM “kingbv” and we can do it behind the scenes.

    In addition, anyone who gets a free book will also get a PDF copy of “The Secret Origins of Vajra Books,” an exclusive only available to participants in the Vajra Fan Rewards Program.

    You can earn multiple books, just make sure you do new activities each time.

    If we think “wow, this person is too good to be true” we reserve the right to ask for more details or verification.

    Legendary Activities Include:

  • Translate a passage from a Vajra book into another language. Check with us first to see what passages need translating.
  • Write (and post online somewhere) a fan game, sourcebook or novel.
  • Run a Vajra game at a convention.
  • Cosplay as a Vajra character.
  • Use a Vajra book to the point it’s falling apart (pics please).
  • Write (and post online somewhere) a review of a Vajra game.
  • Post “actual play” (text or recordings) somewhere online.
  • Live stream playing a Vajra game.
  • Have 100+ points on the old Fan Rewards.
    Amazing Activities Include

  • Write (and post online somewhere) fan game material, comic, short story or illustration.
  • Post (somewhere online) a full writeup of a Vajra PC or NPC.
  • Recommend Vajra to a friend who ends up buying it.
  • Buy a Vajra book (tell us where you bought it).
  • Introduce yourself on Burn Immediately (tell us who you are, where you’re from, what you’re into, something unique about you).
  • Talk to a game shop owner about Vajra books (tell us the shop).
  • Have 30+ points on the old Fan Rewards.
  • Level up a PC (have a PC earn 100 XP through gameplay).
    Heroic Activities Include

  • Describe how you heard about Vajra Enterprises.
  • Mention Vajra Enterprises or our games online anywhere.
  • Post on Burn Immediately.
  • Like Vajra Enterprises on Facebook.
  • Have any number of points on the old Fan Rewards system.
  • Run a Vajra game session.
    *Or any combination of Heroic and Amazing activities, where 4 Heroic = 1 Amazing, equal to 5 Amazing.