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Review: “Zusammengefasst lässt sich also sagen das man es bei “Hoodoo Blues” mit einem außerordentlich umfangreichen und hochwertig recherchierten Rollenspiel zu tun hat, was schon alleine ein Kaufgrund sein kann…”

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On plantations, slaves cobbled together a powerful system of magic, learning to gain luck, manipulate minds and even to kill using common objects.

On lonely country crossroads, desperate people made bargains with the Devil for wealth, talent and power.

On the shores of Louisiana Bayous, under overhangs of spanish moss, free Blacks met to practice an ancient and secret religion, calling powerful beings into their bodies.

In isolated cabins and shacks, bitter outcasts waited until night and traveled forth in another form to prey on the communities that had rejected them.

Under “hanging-trees,” in graveyards and on old battlefields, the spirits of those who had been murdered returned to terrorize the living.

Deep in ancient mountain-side forests, ancient and terrible beasts stalked, preying upon first the native people and then the Scots-Irish settlers that came after them.

And today, on the city streets, on the lonely country roads, in the swamps and mountain forests of the South, these powerful humans, spirits and creatures still seek to settle old scores, satisfy their various hungers or find redemption for their sins.

The South is haunted by its past, in more ways than one.

  • A complete game: no other products needed to play.
  • Flexible, yet realistic, character creation system.
  • Play as the ageless, people who have seen decades or centuries of Southern history.
  • A complete and accurate guide to the supernatural beliefs of the South.
  • A detailed description of Southern history and geography.
  • Rules for Flashback Play allow for adventuring in any era of Southern history.
  • Includes Hoodoo Blues-L, a light character creation and rule system suitable for light or live-action play

For more information on the game, see Hoodoo Blues In Brief (Also in Hebrew and Swedish).

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Printed Book: $32.95 +S&H Fulfillment by Lulu Press*

PDF: $4.95 Fulfillment by DriveThru RPG

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Part 1: Setting


Part 2: Player Characters


Part 3: Southern History In Brief

Download the album (27 MP3s in a 31 MB zip file)

Or listen now:

See also Improvising 1 and 2 by Fan Rewards member Tommy Kullander, released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Share Alike license.

This online tool helps to create Hoodoo Blues characters. Note that this tool is in alpha and has errors and limited functionality.

Character Creation Wizard

  • “the game that just grabbed my throat until I tapped out admiration for it on my keyboard” by Flames Rising
  • “…it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been this excited about a new RPG, and I recommend “Hoodoo Blues” with enthusiasm…”DriveThruRPG
  • “…the world promises to offer a very deep and serious roleplaying experience.” –DriveThruRPG

Hoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Carl Warner and Brian St.Claire-King
Cover by Jason Juta
Art by Michaël Brack, Nicole Cardiff, Anthony Carpenter, Liz Clarke, Ed Cox, Luis Guaragna and Jack Snider.
Editorial Assistance by Carl Warner and Tiffany St.Claire-King
Copyright © 2010 by Vajra Enterprises