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In Dark Alleys the Role Playing Game

220 Pages Softbound If you look down the wrong alley in the middle of the night, you may see something happening which is terrible, inexplicable, alien. If you are like most, you will keep driving and try to forget what you’ve seen. Yet some pain or hunger inside you may drive you to turn back,…

FAQ: What Makes In Dark Alleys Different From Other Horror RPGs?

Cosmology– IDA has a unique cosmology, terrible secrets of the nature of the universe, that players will have to discover during game play. You won’t find much about this cosmology on the website, because we want to keep it truly secret. The cosmology was created by taking pieces of every philosophy that has been discredited…

In Dark Alleys: Free PDF If You Own The Book

Anyone who has purchased a printed copy of In Dark Alleys, This if a Dark Ride or Abandoned from any source can download a pdf copy here.

In Dark Alleys Narrative Character Class

What kind of In Dark Alleys character should you be?  Choose what intrigues you most in a set of scenarios.  The test is available as text (also in Hebrew) or mp3.  

This Is A Dark Ride

You have reached the page for the first edition of This is a Dark Ride. This book has been replaced with This is a Dark Ride Second Edition and is no longer available. In the world of In Dark Alleys, pleasant façades hide terrible secrets, and there is no more pleasant façade than that of…

Little Boy Lost

Click Here to download Little Boy Lost (1 MB pdf), a stand-alone adventure set in the IDA universe. The players play a college-aged babysitter and her friends who must investigate the disappearance of an odd little boy. Little Boy Lost has pre-generated characters and a condensed version of the rules, everything someone would need to play the adventure….

In Dark Alleys Instructional Videos

Introduction: The Touched: Survival Tips:

In Dark Alleys Video Trailer

In Dark Alleys: Gameplay Music

This free music and ambient sound was created to be played in the background during an In Dark Alleys game session. 01 Wandering A Deserted City 02 Back Room At The Herb Shop 03 Old Pain Echoing in Abandoned Places 04 Strange Machinery Under Your Feet 05 Discovering Family Secrets 06 Staying Alive Until Dawn 07 The Long Hallway* All Music in…

In Dark Alleys: Interact

The discussion board for IDA and other Vajra Enterprises products   Gain points by playing games, doing surveys, posting online and more. Spend points for free swag like GM Screens, posters, CDs and more.