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  • In Dark Alleys the Role Playing Game

    220 Pages Softbound

    If you look down the wrong alley in the middle of the night, you may see something happening which is terrible, inexplicable, alien. If you are like most, you will keep driving and try to forget what you’ve seen.

    Yet some pain or hunger inside you may drive you to turn back, to try to gain another glimpse. You may spend sleepless nights peering down dark alleys, reading heretical texts, performing strange rituals, exploring abandoned places, trying to grasp the sensations that squirm at the back of your mind. Along the way you will discover that you are developing incredible and dangerous powers.

    And there will come a day when you catch a glimpse of something that sees you looking at it, that realizes that you know things that you’re not supposed to know. And without a word it will rush at you…

    • A complete game – no other products needed to play.
    • Play ‘the Touched,’ people who have peeked behind the curtain of this reality, people who have incredible powers but are in terrible danger.
    • A unique, fully detailed horror cosmology.
    • A detailed look at supernatural and mundane Los Angeles as a default campaign setting.
    • Two complete introductory adventure
    • Fan Rewards: Get free stuff just for playing.


      Printed Book: International Orders: $19.95 +$25 S&H. – Fulfillment by Vajra
      Printed Book: US Orders: $19.95 +free shipping – Fulfillment by Vajra

    Buy Now PDF: $10 -Fulfillment by DriveThruRPG.

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  • FAQ: What Makes In Dark Alleys Different From Other Horror RPGs?

    Cosmology– IDA has a unique cosmology, terrible secrets of the nature of the universe, that players will have to discover during game play. You won’t find much about this cosmology on the website, because we want to keep it truly secret. The cosmology was created by taking pieces of every philosophy that has been discredited or suppressed because it has unpleasant things to say about the nature of the universe, from Gnosticism to Freudian Psychoanalysis to Paglian Feminism. Not only are secrets of the world revealed through gameplay, the GM section of the book has several ‘documents,’ all suitable for copying and giving to players, each of which helps unravel a small piece of the mystery of the game world.

    Player Characters– Players are not ordinary people, they are people with supernatural powers, yet they don’t start off understanding what’s happening to them. The bizarre and terrible things that have given them powers have left them with more questions than answers about the nature of the universe. Each type of the Touched knows a little about what’s going on, but each holds only one piece of the puzzle. Each type of the Touched has a different experience of the supernatural and different types of powers. Character types are not just frameworks for buying powers, they are a complete experience.

    Style– Like Cthulhu, IDA doesn’t have ‘traditional’ monsters (e.g. vampires, werewolves, typical western-style ghosts). Unlike Cthulhu, we tried to borrow from the aesthetic of recent Japanese horror films in building the terrors of the IDA universe. At no point will PCs find themselves confronted with traditional monsters that they are sure they know how to defeat. Some monsters will attack as physical beings, some will be invisible and intangible and will manipulate the world around the PCs, some will attack via the PCs’ own minds. IDA monsters are not goblins that you kill twenty of for XP. Figuring out how to defeat or escape a monster will take up an entire IDA adventure.

  • This Is A Dark Ride

    You have reached the page for the first edition of This is a Dark Ride. This book has been replaced with This is a Dark Ride Second Edition and is no longer available.

    In the world of In Dark Alleys, pleasant façades hide terrible secrets, and there is no more pleasant façade than that of the happiest amusement park in the world. Hiding behind the smiling faces, cotton candy, princesses, rides and fantastic décor, there are creatures that hunt us, people who experiment on us, powers-that-be who watch us, and alien worlds waiting to swallow us up.

    This is a Dark Ride is a sourcebook detailing the world’s most famous amusement park as it exists in the In Dark Alleys setting. Included is in-depth info on the mundane park, various supernatural entities, NPCs and groups, guidelines for creating a park employee character and a complete adventure.

    Anyone who buys the printed book can download the pdf for free here.

     Printed Version: $17.50 – Fulfillment by Lulu

     PDF: $3.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

  • Little Boy Lost

    Click Here to download Little Boy Lost (1 MB pdf), a stand-alone adventure set in the IDA universe. The players play a college-aged babysitter and her friends who must investigate the disappearance of an odd little boy. Little Boy Lost has pre-generated characters and a condensed version of the rules, everything someone would need to play the adventure. Little Boy Lost was a giveaway at the 2007 Free RPG Day. You can read a review of Little Boy Lost here.

  • In Dark Alleys: Gameplay Music

    This free music and ambient sound was created to be played in the background during an In Dark Alleys game session.
    01 Wandering A Deserted City
    02 Back Room At The Herb Shop
    03 Old Pain Echoing in Abandoned Places
    04 Strange Machinery Under Your Feet
    05 Discovering Family Secrets
    06 Staying Alive Until Dawn
    07 The Long Hallway*
    All Music in a 19 MB zip file

    *Ambient sound track.