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Fates Worse Than Death Introductory Video

This video was designed to be played to players to give them a crash course in the world of Fates Worse Than Death. Chapter One: Setting Chapter Two: Gangs & Other Groups Chapter Three: Other Dangers See also the Animated Video Trailer (Or watch the original flash animation) And the Nothing Is Small ad

Fates Worse Than Death Online Tools

Around The Block v2.0: Create random city blocks, building interiors and random NPCs. Character Class Personality Test: Answer 20 multiple choice questions and find out which of the 46 character classes from the game best fit your viewpoint. You can also take this test in Turkish . Sketch Artist: Use this javascript program to create a sketch of your character’s head….

Fates Worse Than Death: Hunter

Dirk Vandereyken gives us a thrilling new look at the Fates Worse Than Death universe in the first Fates Worse Than Death novel. He was raised to be a killer, given extensive training in virtual reality and the best implants. He has no memories besides his training. He doesn’t even have a name. Those he works…

Fates Worse Than Death Library

Game World Stuff Game Overview An overview of the setting and game. (Game Overview also available En Espanol , En Français , in Hungarian , in Danish , Turkish , Hebrew , Swedish  and German ) Color Map A web-optimized color map of the city Being Muslim in 2080 A brief guide for playing Muslim characters. Being Gay in 2080 (pdf) From the FWTD sourcebook Behind the Eyes of Madness. Fates vs. Cyberpunk A page from the…

Fates Worse Than Death Reviews

  English Reviews “Desperate futures never looked so desperate” on RPG.net “I would recommend it for those players and GMs who like their game on the edgy side of reality” on mortality.net “..if you like dark future horror … this might be a good game for you.” on gamingreport.com “..a new and different way of gaming Cyberpunk, focusing…

Fates Worse Than Death Credits

Fates Worse Than Death was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King Cover by Jason Juta Art by Lorie Albrecht, A ‘Lis, Samuel Araya, Paul C Butler, Leanne Buckley, Lance William Card, Jhoneil Centeno, Kari Christensen, Laura Dubuk, Randy Gallegos, Jason Juta, Kyri Konitou, Britt Martin, Rik Martin, Staffan Melin, Katie Miranda, Martina Pilcerova, Brian St.Claire-King,…

Vajra Enterprises Podcast Episode 001: Gator

A story in the world of Fates Worse Than Death. Click to listen: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.vajraenterprises.com/podcasts/Vajra_Enterprises_Fiction_Podcast_001_Gator.mp3″] MP3 Direct Link Discuss this podcast on Burn Immediately.