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Hoodoo Blues the Album

Download the album (27 MP3s in a 31 MB zip file) Or listen now: See also Improvising 1 and 2 by Fan Rewards member Tommy Kullander, released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Share Alike license.

Vajra Enterprises Diversity Standards in Writing and Art

  Whenever possible, avoid using white, male, handsome, athletic, heterosexual, native-born characters. Try to vary at least one of these characteristics. No more than one in five characters should meet all of these characteristics. Don’t include minorities solely to play the role stereotyped by their minority status. If you included a woman character, don’t have…

The “We Don’t Sue Our Fans” Pledge

At Vajra Enterprises we promise not to get all angry and reactionary about: Fans making and distributing fan fiction, remixes with other products or home-brewed game material. Fans sharing small portions of game books with players as necessary for play. Critical reviews. We’ve also made much of our game material available via a Creative Commons license so…