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  • The Writer’s Guide to the Supernatural South

    A complete reference guide to writing fiction that takes place in the supernatural south, all faithful to the real history, culture, legends and beliefs of the American old South. Contains chapters on the mundane history, culture and geography of the South; on the supernatural beliefs of the South; and on supernatural protagonists.

    By Brian St.Claire-King and Carl Warner

    178 pages

    $14.95 – softcover – buy at Lulu.com

    $7.95 – PDF – buy at Lulu.com


    A note to customers of Vajra Enterprises’ role playing game books: the Writer’s Guide to the Supernatural South andHoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game contain much of the same information. The Writer’s Guide is geared specifically for fiction authors while Hoodoo Blues contains roleplaying stats and rules.

  • Hoodoo Blues

    On plantations, slaves cobbled together a powerful system of magic, learning to gain luck, manipulate minds and even to kill using common objects.

    On lonely country crossroads, desperate people made bargains with the Devil for wealth, talent and power.

    On the shores of Louisiana Bayous, under overhangs of spanish moss, free Blacks met to practice an ancient and secret religion, calling powerful beings into their bodies.

    In isolated cabins and shacks, bitter outcasts waited until night and traveled forth in another form to prey on the communities that had rejected them.

    Under “hanging-trees,” in graveyards and on old battlefields, the spirits of those who had been murdered returned to terrorize the living.

    Deep in ancient mountain-side forests, ancient and terrible beasts stalked, preying upon first the native people and then the Scots-Irish settlers that came after them.

    And today, on the city streets, on the lonely country roads, in the swamps and mountain forests of the South, these powerful humans, spirits and creatures still seek to settle old scores, satisfy their various hungers or find redemption for their sins.

    The South is haunted by its past, in more ways than one.

    • A complete game: no other products needed to play.
    • Flexible, yet realistic, character creation system.
    • Play as the ageless, people who have seen decades or centuries of Southern history.
    • A complete and accurate guide to the supernatural beliefs of the South.
    • A detailed description of Southern history and geography.
    • Rules for Flashback Play allow for adventuring in any era of Southern history.
    • Includes Hoodoo Blues-L, a light character creation and rule system suitable for light or live-action play

    For more information on the game, see Hoodoo Blues In Brief (Also in Hebrew and Swedish).

    Have the book? Go here to get a free pdf copy.


    Printed Book: $32.95 +S&H Fulfillment by Lulu Press*

    PDF: $4.95 Fulfillment by DriveThru RPG

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  • Seeker the Role Playing Game


    They come from every walk of life. There are humble Christian monks, passionate artists, logical scientists, intense shamans and more. Some studied various philosophies and mystical systems for years before embarking on the path, others just woke up one morning and decided to make a change. They are young and old, rich and poor. Some are powerful and influential. Some are fugitives, on the run from the law.

    What they all have in common is that each has decided to throw himself or herself headfirst into the search for wisdom, self-improvement and power. Each has decided that, rather than pursuing one specific dogma, they will travel the world learning from every person and every experience, in essence letting the universe teach them what it will. Each has developed powerful abilities and each has discovered that the world is a much more complicated, much more dangerous and much more wonderful place than they had ever imagined.

    • A complete role playing game. No other products needed to play.
    • Uses ORC-L, the lite version of Organic Rule Components, designed for quick character creation and light or live action play.
    • Play PCs from any background, tradition or philosophical viewpoint.
    • Each character approaches enlightenment, self-improvement or wisdom in their own unique way, and each gains unique abilities from it.
    • Contains “Weaponized Honeybees,” a complete introductory adventure.
    • Although Seekers’ adventures may take them anywhere, extensive information is given on small-town America and the secrets and dangers one may find there.

      For more information on the game, see Seeker In Brief.

    Have the book? Go here to get a free pdf copy.

    Printed Book: $22.95 +S&H Fulfillment by Lulu Press*

    PDF: $4.95 Fulfillment by DriveThru RPG

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  • Abandoned

    Now Available!Abandoned_Cover_350h

    They have been abandoned by the people who once lived and worked in them.  The paint has been left to peel, dust to blanket every surface, windows to break, weeds to grow up through cracks, birds and mice to chew things up and build nests.

    Yet just because all the people have left doesn’t mean that there is nothing still living there.  It doesn’t mean that eyes won’t watch you from the darkness as you make your way slowly down the darkened corridors, the beam of your flashlight falling everywhere except for the one spot where something waits for you.

    • A sourcebook for In Dark Alleys, the role playing game of psychological and cosmological horror.
    • An in-depth look at abandoned locations in the In Dark Alleys setting, and the dangers that inhabit them.
    • Seven different abandoned locations described in detail: a rural house, a subway station, a high-rise apartment building, a mental hospital, a cannery, a skyscraper and an entire town.
    • Each location contains challenging mysteries for players to solve: what is happening there, how did it come about and how does one escape with one’s life?
    • Complete write-ups for 58 monsters and other antagonists.
    • Contains a new character class: Tranquilites.
    • The TranquilLake setting and Tranquilite character class can be played as its own complete role playing game, with no other purchase necessary.

    198 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″

    Printed Version: $22.95 – Fulfillment by Lulu

    PDF: $4.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

    Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here.

  • In Dark Alleys the Role Playing Game

    220 Pages Softbound

    If you look down the wrong alley in the middle of the night, you may see something happening which is terrible, inexplicable, alien. If you are like most, you will keep driving and try to forget what you’ve seen.

    Yet some pain or hunger inside you may drive you to turn back, to try to gain another glimpse. You may spend sleepless nights peering down dark alleys, reading heretical texts, performing strange rituals, exploring abandoned places, trying to grasp the sensations that squirm at the back of your mind. Along the way you will discover that you are developing incredible and dangerous powers.

    And there will come a day when you catch a glimpse of something that sees you looking at it, that realizes that you know things that you’re not supposed to know. And without a word it will rush at you…

    • A complete game – no other products needed to play.
    • Play ‘the Touched,’ people who have peeked behind the curtain of this reality, people who have incredible powers but are in terrible danger.
    • A unique, fully detailed horror cosmology.
    • A detailed look at supernatural and mundane Los Angeles as a default campaign setting.
    • Two complete introductory adventure
    • Fan Rewards: Get free stuff just for playing.


      Printed Book: International Orders: $19.95 +$25 S&H. – Fulfillment by Vajra
      Printed Book: US Orders: $19.95 +free shipping – Fulfillment by Vajra

    Buy Now PDF: $10 -Fulfillment by DriveThruRPG.

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  • This Is A Dark Ride

    You have reached the page for the first edition of This is a Dark Ride. This book has been replaced with This is a Dark Ride Second Edition and is no longer available.

    In the world of In Dark Alleys, pleasant façades hide terrible secrets, and there is no more pleasant façade than that of the happiest amusement park in the world. Hiding behind the smiling faces, cotton candy, princesses, rides and fantastic décor, there are creatures that hunt us, people who experiment on us, powers-that-be who watch us, and alien worlds waiting to swallow us up.

    This is a Dark Ride is a sourcebook detailing the world’s most famous amusement park as it exists in the In Dark Alleys setting. Included is in-depth info on the mundane park, various supernatural entities, NPCs and groups, guidelines for creating a park employee character and a complete adventure.

    Anyone who buys the printed book can download the pdf for free here.

     Printed Version: $17.50 – Fulfillment by Lulu

     PDF: $3.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG