Price of Power Errata

In early version of Price of Power, the Income for Corp Borgs was missing. The income is $2,500 +$250 per week. This has been corrected in all versions purchased after 2/28/15.

Tibet Pregenerated Characters

This is a selection of starting Tibet characters, suitable for using in convention play. Bhuchung Sonam (Kagyupa) Dhondup Lobsang (Yellow Hat) Norbu Tsomo (Dobdob) Norzom Nyima (Oracle) Sandeep Kumaraswami (Foreigner) Thomas Muller (Foreigner) Tsomo Dawa (Ascetic) Wangmo Dorjee (Sorcerer)

Fates Worse Than Death: Rentpunk

Here’s Vajra’s submission to the Rentpunk Game Jam. It uses the Fate Accelerated Edition rules to tell stories about roomies trying to make the rent in the world of Fates Worse Than Death. Game PDF Character Sheets

The Price of Power

Now Available! Power. You can sweat for it. You can buy it with a wad of cash. You can earn it on your back. You can have it implanted into your body. You can hunt for it in the dead of night. You can win it with a careful word in the right ear. You…

In Dark Alleys: Ein Überblick

Stil: Dies ist ein Spiel über ketzerische Philosophen, die abgelehnt, verspottet oder unterdrückt wurden, weil sie kein ‘gutes Ende’ kennen. Es ist ein Spiel über Leute, die trotz der Gefahr getrieben sind, die Wahrheit zu suchen. Es handelt von dem Doppelleben, das diese Leute führen müssen und die Spannung und Gefahr, die ihre Erforschung der dunklen Wahrheiten der…

Tibet in Kurz

Scuffed Book Deals

These are books with small defects: scratches, scuff-marks, bent pages, smashed corners or small stains. All pages are intact and all interior text is perfectly readable. The quality is equivalent to a “Very Good” used book. Scuffed Fates Worse Than Death  US Orders: $7 +$5 S&H  Fulfillment by Vajra Enterprises International Shipping: Sorry, but due…

German Hoodoo Blues Review

Review: “Zusammengefasst lässt sich also sagen das man es bei “Hoodoo Blues” mit einem außerordentlich umfangreichen und hochwertig recherchierten Rollenspiel zu tun hat, was schon alleine ein Kaufgrund sein kann…”

New Abandoned Review

Review: “This is a horror supplement that shows a real understanding of what horror is all about…”

Tibet the Role Playing Game

In 1950, Chinese communist soldiers marched in to Tibet. They forced the Tibetans to agree to a slow conversion to Communism. Yet as the number of troops in Tibet grew, so did the intolerance of the Chinese. It is 1959 and Tibet is a country on the verge of chaos. Tales of Chinese atrocities are…