Month: January 2014

New Abandoned Review

Review: “This is a horror supplement that shows a real understanding of what horror is all about…”

Tibet the Role Playing Game

In 1950, Chinese communist soldiers marched in to Tibet. They forced the Tibetans to agree to a slow conversion to Communism. Yet as the number of troops in Tibet grew, so did the intolerance of the Chinese. It is 1959 and Tibet is a country on the verge of chaos. Tales of Chinese atrocities are…

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Tibet: Monastic Edition

  This is a free ‘lite version’ of Tibet the RPG, available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. It’s 169 pages and is a complete game, with skills, equipment, a ton of setting information and everything else you’ll need to create characters or GM the game. However, the Monastic Edition only comes with the character creation…

Tibet Game Music

This free music was created to be played in the background during a Tibet the RPG session. Sample: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”!Tibet/Tibet_RPG_music_samples.mp3″] Download Music (7.6MB, zip file)

Tibet Introductory Videos

Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Society Chapter Three: Cosmology Chapter Four: Chinese Threat Chapter Five: Characters Chapter Six: Survival Tips

Tibet Character Sheets

These Tibet the RPG character sheets are the same as those found in the Tibet game book are free to download and use. Character Sheet (pdf) Combat Sheet (pdf)

Tibet Character Class Test

Answer 20 multiple choice questions and find out which of the 25 character classes from the game best fit your viewpoint. Start The Test Now

Tibet Library

Errata: Core ORC rule changes from In Dark Alleys Like A Serpent A young monk meets an animated phurba. A TIbet short story. Tibet GM Screen A printable 3 page pdf. Saving Denver An original Tibet adventure suitable for level 1 characters. The Handsome Young Monk An original Tibet adventure. Warning: adult themes. Tibet In Brief (pdf) Pages 4 and 5…

Tibet Reviews

“It’s interesting and well-written in its own right, and the setting feels particularly rich.” -Legion Magazine “It has character classes. It has levels. It has saving throws. It has overly long equipment lists. Does it need any of these things? No, no, no and a thousand times no.” “…quite, almost coldly, different…” –Games Gazette magazine “…like all strange…