Day: April 7, 2013


Mom and dad died. Most of the adults died. Those adults who survived all went blind. We found out that they needed us, needed our ability to see, so badly that they were willing to take us from our homes and lock us up in chains. We learned we were strong and smart enough to…

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“…this is probably the single most horrifying game book I’ve ever read.” -drivethruRPG Dopiero po przeczytaniu całości podejmę decyzję, czy dam jej szansę.

KidWorld Credits

KidWorld the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Eloy LaSanta and Brian St.Claire-King Cover by Jason Juta Art by Michaël Brack, Nicole Cardiff, Anthony Carpenter, Liz Clarke, Ed Cox, Pablo Palomeque, Adam Hunter Peck, Tyler Windham, Claire Buhler. Editorial Assistance by Allon Mureinik Copyright © 2008 by Vajra Enterprises