Month: March 2013

Seeker Introductory Video

A video for introducing new players to Seeker.

Seeker Printables

Player Character Sheet NPC Sheet Community Sheet Seeker in Brief Seeker Full Resolution Cover (8 MB)

Seeker Podcasts

Episodes of the Vajra Enterprises Fiction Podcast that take place in the world of Seeker: Episode 23: Paths

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Seeker Credits

Seeker the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King Cover by Jason Juta Art by Eric Williams, Gerasimos Kolokas and Mike Mumah Game Design Assistance by Nick Agrall Consultation by Allon Mureinik Copyright © 2012 by Vajra Enterprises

The SciFi School of Politics

Someday I expect someone to accuse me of writing fiction and RPGs that are nothing but propaganda in furtherance of some political ideology. I’ve prepared a response for the day I stand accused, and because I’m not a patient sort of fellow, I’ll go ahead and give my response now: I do not create fictional…

Organic Rule Components

ORC is a Role Playing Game rules system. ORC character creation is fairly crunchy, but its crunchy for a reason. The rules are primarily meant to model physics and biology. ORC gameplay is easy to learn and quick to use. All rules work from the same basic mechanic. The rules can scale from light to…

ORC: Why is it Crunchy?

Vajra games are not generic-genre games. Fates Worse Than Death is not “here’s a generic cyberpunk game where you can do anything you could in standard-cyberpunk-world.” It’s a very specific setting with very specific differences from standard cyberpunk. Now, I’m not trying to denigrate generic-cyberpunk, but if you’re trying to GM generic cyberpunk you don’t need me…

ORC: Why Character Classes

Some people dislike character classes because they say they are too restrictive. I don’t think character classes, if they are done right, need to be “restrictive.” I know that character classes have been done poorly in the past, but that’s no reason to discriminate against something with great potential. First off, non-character class systems often…

Organic Rule Components: Design Philosophy

From a post to Burn Immediately. I’d like to talk a little bit about the philosophy behind the ORC rules. I don’t expect anyone to agree with the philosophy, but I’d rather have people who don’t like the rules to think that it was because I have a different philosophy than because I have no…