Month: March 2013

Hoodoo Blues

On plantations, slaves cobbled together a powerful system of magic, learning to gain luck, manipulate minds and even to kill using common objects. On lonely country crossroads, desperate people made bargains with the Devil for wealth, talent and power. On the shores of Louisiana Bayous, under overhangs of spanish moss, free Blacks met to practice…

Hoodoo Blues Introductory Videos

Part 1: Setting   Part 2: Player Characters   Part 3: Southern History In Brief

Hoodo Blues Printables

Character Sheets Open Game Invite Hoodoo Blues-L Character Sheet Hoodoo Blues in Brief (Hebrew and Swedish) Character Creation Quickref Combat Quickref

Hoodoo Blues the Album

Download the album (27 MP3s in a 31 MB zip file) Or listen now: See also Improvising 1 and 2 by Fan Rewards member Tommy Kullander, released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Share Alike license.

Hoodoo Blues Character Creation Wizard (Alpha)

This online tool helps to create Hoodoo Blues characters. Note that this tool is in alpha and has errors and limited functionality. Character Creation Wizard

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Hoodoo Blues Reviews

“the game that just grabbed my throat until I tapped out admiration for it on my keyboard” by Flames Rising “…it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been this excited about a new RPG, and I recommend “Hoodoo Blues” with enthusiasm…”–DriveThruRPG “…the world promises to offer a very deep and serious roleplaying experience.” –DriveThruRPG

Hoodoo Blues Credits

Hoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Carl Warner and Brian St.Claire-King Cover by Jason Juta Art by Michaël Brack, Nicole Cardiff, Anthony Carpenter, Liz Clarke, Ed Cox, Luis Guaragna and Jack Snider. Editorial Assistance by Carl Warner and Tiffany St.Claire-King Copyright © 2010 by Vajra Enterprises

Seeker the Role Playing Game

  They come from every walk of life. There are humble Christian monks, passionate artists, logical scientists, intense shamans and more. Some studied various philosophies and mystical systems for years before embarking on the path, others just woke up one morning and decided to make a change. They are young and old, rich and poor….

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Buy Seeker as a Printed Book*  (188 pages softbound) $22.95 +S&H from Lulu Press Buy Seeker as a PDF Book $4.95 from DriveThruRPG: *Anyone who has purchased a printed copy of the book from any source can download a pdf copy here.