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Two 'new' ways to 'fight' blindness and a bonus.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:10 pm
by Oliver111
I don't think that those alternatives should be given at thebeguining of the game, but as rare items or rewards (or goals to a Quest, it could be interesting.

The first item is an experimental device that you put on your tonge (inside your mouth). It's connected to special glasses/tiara. To summerize it, the plastic 'pics' of the items 'draw' the form' that the recorder saw. It's far from been perfect, but with some little training, the brain is able to read those information.

(It's five minute after the beguining of the documentary 'The brain that changes itself')

The second is the possibility to develop...human echolocation.

Few blind people managed to develop it, and there are some specific training to figure it out !

It's not much about 'hearing', but recomposing a mental image based on sounds. (on how specifically sounds 'bounce' on objects. There are an incredible amounts of informations if you know what to 'look' forĀ°

That's all for now.

Note; Now, something completly different for our dear friends Eyes Eater !

A Must have !

Portable solar charged fridge. Don't let those damn kids choose when you should be blind (they're better in a fridge anyway) ... e-freezers ... -freezer#/