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Re: One-Gang Campaign (With online resources)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:11 pm
by TechNoPrisoner
16 Sessions

Session reports. House Rules. Our Interpretations of RAW. Extra Setting Details. etc.

About 2 months have passed, in game. I'm handing out a flat 10xp per session, plus 10xp for end-of-adventure 1.
Players have pushed some skills to Rank 5 (I enforced "no skill above 3 at creation, max +1 per skill per level), and Dr Watt has pushed his INL to 17!

2 players now have Blood Sampling 1 (and were invited to the Masters/Samplers party!)

The Exiled Bleeder (Billy-O ) has been handed to the Insomniacs to do with as they will, but the players still have a pint of his blood and a bunch of his research notes!
Harlequin "Call me 'Heather' " Cox (daughter of Habey - ran away from the circus to join the Bleeders) has hired the players to 'obtain' part of an exhibit from a museum in Dragon turf.
The players spent their Bonus from the Math Addicts escapade to buy the rights to run Protection Rackets on voodoo turf, and are playing it softly-softly.

Don't touch that dial!