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Day Jobs Creation

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:45 am
by Afterwars
Hi there, I put this in the email but here is probably better.

I have a question about the ORC system and day jobs. Is there a “guide” on how to create them keeping them balanced?

I noticed the one in ORC modern have similar trends such as more or less BP cost is equal to more or less cost for the skills but what I am looking for is if you have some kind of criteria for creation, especially outside the modern setting such as fantasy or hi tech sci-fi.

In my past I wrote for the RPGA as part of the Living Greyhawk Campaign, so I am rather “meta gaming” orientated; part of my work was new mechanics and classes vs. game balance, hence the question … If I can save time I take all the help I can. :D


Re: Day Jobs Creation

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:30 am
by kingbv
>I have a question about the ORC system and day jobs. Is there a “guide” on how to create them keeping them balanced?

I don't yet have anything written, but I'll try to document what my thinking was when creating the day jobs.

First of all, you've got to consider the power level of the campaign. For In Dark Alleys, which Day Jobs were created for, the idea was that the PC's mundane lives would be of average social power, while it's their supernatural exposure that would make them more capable than regular humans. So any Day Job that would make a character more powerful than the average adult (e.g. cop, doctor) should cost BP while any that makes a PC less powerful (e.g. homeless) should give BP. So if a Day Job was better or worse than average, the question would be "what's a fair BP value for all the benefits/detriments this day job gives." I tried to use the BP costs for buying stuff (skills, money, advantages) a la carte as my guide here.

For most day jobs, the main things they give to PCs is free skills, skill costs and income. For income, I established an average for income and tried to award BP for income less than that average, charge BP for income more than that, keeping it roughly in line with the costs to straight-up buy money with BP during character creation.

For skill costs, I tried to keep the costs balanced. I created a spreadsheet of all the skill costs for all the day jobs, and figured their average cost for skills, and tried to adjust it so that most day jobs had about the same average skill cost. I tried to give each day job some skills that were cheaper and some that were more expensive. For instance, Boring Factory Job has lower costs for LABR skills, but higher costs for ACAD while for a Researcher it's the opposite. Sometimes I couldn't quite balance because I didn't feel it was realistic. For instance, it seemed realistic to give Researcher altogether cheaper skill costs than the other day jobs, and to give Ward altogether higher skill costs. In those cases I made sure to make those day jobs cost more or less (as appropriate) BP.

For free skills, I've always felt that buying a package of skills should cost a bit less than buying the skills a la carte, because you're giving up some freedom of choice when you buy a package. You might not necessarily want that third skill in the package, but you're getting it anyway, so it's fair not to charge quite so much. The skill costs are already supposed to represent usefulness to PCs (the most useful skills cost the most, the least useful cost less). So, when I wasn't sure if I was charging the right amount, I'd see how much it would cost to buy those skills using BP, and make sure I was charging about half to two-thirds that amount.

Hope that helps!

Re: Day Jobs Creation

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:21 am
by Afterwars
Hi there, thank you.

Indeed it does help, you preatty much apply the same logic I was considering.