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OLD Fan Rewards Instructions

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:44 pm
by kingbv
To Sign Up For Fan Rewards: Create an account on Burn Immediately and make at least one post on the forum. The first post for a new user is held for moderation, but once approved you will be a full member of the board. This will make the Fan Rewards boards viewable. If you have any trouble with this part, email creative [aht] vajraenterprises [dawt] com.

To Apply For Points: Go to the ‘Earn Points’ section. Within that directory is a number of threads – each thread is something you can do that will earn you points. To tell us you’ve done something that’s worth points, just post in that thread. When we give you the points, you will see it on the sticky Point Totals thread.

To Apply For A Prize: Look for the 'Prize Catalog' sticky thread. This lists all currently available prizes and their point costs. To apply for a prize, send a Private Message to kingbv. If the prize is something that can be emailed (like a coupon) be sure to include your email address. If it's something that must be mailed, include your postal address (please double-check that it is correct).