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This video was designed to be played to players to give them a crash course in the world of Fates Worse Than Death.

Chapter One: Setting

Chapter Two: Gangs & Other Groups

Chapter Three: Other Dangers

See also the Animated Video Trailer

(Or watch the original flash animation)

And the Nothing Is Small ad

Around The Block v2.0: Create random city blocks, building interiors and random NPCs.
Character Class Personality Test: Answer 20 multiple choice questions and find out which of the 46 character classes from the game best fit your viewpoint. You can also take this test in Turkish .
Sketch Artist: Use this javascript program to create a sketch of your character’s head.
Interactive Map: Explore the city with this interactive map.

Dirk Vandereyken gives us a thrilling new look at the Fates Worse Than Death universe in the first Fates Worse Than Death novel.

He was raised to be a killer, given extensive training in virtual reality and the best implants. He has no memories besides his training. He doesn’t even have a name. Those he works for send him out into 2080’s most dangerous ghetto to kill people they say are a drain on society. He has always killed without question, with skill and efficiency. Yet now he is starting to ask questions, questions that may destroy him.

6×9 paperback – 265 pages – $13.95 printed – $4.95 pdf

View a free preview of Chapter One

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Fates Worse Than Death was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King
Cover by Jason Juta
Art by Lorie Albrecht, A ‘Lis, Samuel Araya, Paul C Butler, Leanne Buckley, Lance William Card, Jhoneil Centeno, Kari Christensen, Laura Dubuk, Randy Gallegos, Jason Juta, Kyri Konitou, Britt Martin, Rik Martin, Staffan Melin, Katie Miranda, Martina Pilcerova, Brian St.Claire-King, Jason Walton, Kierran Yanner, Ursula Vernon.
Game Design Assistance by Robert Kwon and Tiffany St.Claire-King
Editorial Assistance by Tiffany St.Claire-King

A story in the world of Fates Worse Than Death.

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