The Homeless Camera Project booklets are now available for purchase.

The booklet is 14 pages and contains 12 full-color photos showing the best photos from the project.
The booklet costs $3 (+$1 S&H in the US or +$2 S&H outside the US).
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Image Scans
Go here to view thumbnails of the images taken and download zip files containing high-resolution images.

About the Project

In Brief: I sent out dozens of disposable cameras to street newspapers throughout the US and Canada. The newspapers took the cameras and gave them to their carriers. The carriers took pictures and dropped the cameras in the mail. I developed and scanned the pictures and created an on-line repository of photographs relating to homelessness that anyone can use free of charge. I also sent CDs of those photos to street newspapers. I printed up booklets with some of the best photos, which I sent to the photographers (via the street newspapers) as a reward. I am also selling some of the booklets myself to try to recoup my costs.

Goals: To create a bank of public-domain images relating to homelessness that publishers can use free of charge. To give homeless people an outlet for self-expression. To publish a booklet showcasing the best work of these photographers.

Purpose: This is a not-for-profit project. I don't hope to make any money, but hope to recoup some of what I've spent. This project brings together my interests in publishing, homeless issues, photography and the public domain (as well as the fact that I bought a bunch of disposable cameras for a low price and need to do something with them).

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