A heaven for the souls of the good and a hell for the souls of the bad was theorized by ancient thinkers before Greece, before Crete, before Babylon, proven as fact by old testament Jews.  Scientists can not disprove heaven and hell, some in Russia have even measured the weight of a soul to be 9 grams.  Human souls are immortal, they continue even when the body has died, but they are immediately whisked away to heavenly judgment, from which they will be sent to heaven or hell.  God created animals without free will: they operate on instinct, not out of knowledge of right or wrong, and so they do not have souls, except that humans started to breed dogs in the early ice age to be more like us: to have the same emotions, to act in the same way.  And what we ended up doing is breeding souls in to dogs.  But dogs do are not taken to judgment, their spirits stay on Earth.  Ghosts are real, my friends, but only the ghosts of dogs.  People go to heaven or hell, dogs live in fire hydrants and soda bottles.


Dog ghosts are start out as stupid as real dogs, they are confused and crazy because they can't do anything they used to.  Something about water is necessary for life, and ghost dogs live mostly in things that have water in them all the time: wells, fire hydrants, sprinkler heads, water fountains, drums full of water, flooded basements.  The dogs wander around at night, when they are strongest, but they always must return to their water source to survive.  When they wander, they are invisible to most people.  If they meet up with another dog spirit, and one will end up killing the other and eating it and therefore becoming even smarter and more powerful.  If a dog ghost lives for hundreds of years, the dog ghost will become powerful enough to become visible and to do actual damage when they attack people.  They are also smarter too, and they know not to let any witnesses live after seeing them attack someone.


Ghost dogs are free from biological limitations on intelligence and they may grow to the intelligence of a human being.  Ghost dogs can learn to enter human beings and control their minds and bodies.  All the rich and powerful men in the world have been invited to secret meetings ("trilateral commission") in England above an ancient roman bathhouse where ancient and powerful dog-spirits take over their bodies so that now the world is ruled by dog-spirits who will do anything, even annihilate all of humanity, in order to keep themselves alive and keep a steady flow of fresh victims.  Small children kidnapped off the streets of third world countries are locked up in dark basements where powerful dog spirits that can take physical form, rip them up and kill them.  This horrible crime is not necessary for the survival of the ghost dogs, they only do this for their own sadistic personal enjoyment.


Questions I get asked a lot:


1. Are you crazy?

    I have a letter from a well known psychological therapist and spiritual counselor saying that I am definitely not crazy.  Anyone who does not think the same way everyone else: Einstein, Edison, Jesus, Picasso, may be considered crazy by those who are more comfortable with their current ignorant belief systems.  Even neighbors and police officers who have been sent by the ghost dogs to convince me that I am crazy have admitted, off the record, that I am completely sane.


2. If the dog spirits are so powerful, why don't they just take over the world?


  They are strong because nobody believes in them.  If people knew about dog spirits, we would easily be able to destroy their "doghouses" and rid the Earth of this plague.  A ghost dog can be killed easily if you have knowledge, so it is knowledge that the ghost dogs try to take away form the free humans of this planet.


3. Is my dog a dog-spirit?  Does it still love me?

    If your dog has died, then your dog has a dog-spirit, unless that dog spirit has been destroyed or eaten by another dog spirit.  No, your dog spirit does not still love you, it is now a mad dog and would kill you if it could.  Dogs may be trained to be good and nice, but at their heart they are predatory animals who love nothing more than to kill, and after death the good manners they learned during life are shed and they become heartless murderers.


4. What can I do?

    The only way for the human race to survive is to fight the dog spirits.  Dog spirits may live forever, growing in power all the time, so the time will come someday where the power of the dog spirits is greater than the power and resources of all the free humans of this world.  We have to fight and kill all the dog spirits now, while you still have a chance.  First we have to find where the dog spirits live.  First, get a live dog because all dogs have the power to sense dog spirits.  You may notice your dog may stare or bark at empty space, what they are seeing is a dog spirit, and you may see a dog sniffing curiously at something, if that thing contains water then it is probably the home to a dog spirit.  Also, pay more attention to the words of children, who may be able to see and know things we adults can not.  I can not tell you how many parents I have heard ignoring children who complained to them about ghosts or mean dogs or scary places.  Once you find a ghost dog you have to destroy it.


5. So is it you who burns down all the houses on devil's night?

    If I had to burn down a house to protect a free human being from ghost dogs, I would definitely do that, just as I would kill one of the ghost-dog controlled rulers of the planet, for they would certainly rather die than live their lives controlled by a ghost dog.  Having said that, I am not responsible for the arsons of devil's night but I should mention that the houses that are burned down are mostly old abandoned places, could ghost dogs be living in these, are there other groups in the city who understand the existence of ghost dogs and hunt them like any proud free human should be doing?


6. Where do you live?


  I must keep my current physical location a secret because I don't want ghost dog secret world rulers sending men-in-black government agent death squads (who of course have no idea that the corrupt government they are protecting is ruled by ghost dogs) to shoot me in the back of my head.  I can only educate and hope that someday there will be enough that realize the existence of ghost dogs that they can form in to a community to protect humanity.


7. Have you ever seen a ghost dog?

    I have seen ghost dogs starting when I was seven years old, I was attacked and I have the scars to prove that ghost dogs do exist.  Every day I am followed and spied on by ghost dogs, and there have been several attempts on my life.  The smarter ghost dogs have a community, much like humans do, and the leaders of this community have decided to put a price on my head, a price which is the ghost dog equivalent of 80 million dollars, making me public enemy number one in the ghost dog community.  They have done this because I not only hunt and kill the ghost dogs but I also fight them in words by educating others about their existence.



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