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Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:17 pm
by TechNoPrisoner
My gaming group have been asking for me to run another game of FWTD, and we came up wit the idea of having all PCs from the same gang.
I have written a blog-post covering some of the issues I think it may raise, and would appreciate any more input. ... dividuals/


Re: Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:47 pm
by kingbv
Thanks for posting this. It's a well-thought-out discussion on the topic. I've never had a FWTD session with even two PCs of the same class. All the players I've ever had found some class they really wanted to play despite the conflict it might cause with other characters belonging to different groups.

One thought: the new Discipline rules (found in Price of Power) could make things a little easier. They can be purchased during character creation for XP, and when purchased this way they don't require PCs to roleplay finding a teacher. They can be purchased multiple times (e.g. to be a "level two" prison craftsperson, you simply buy the discipline twice) for additional benefit. Rather than changing skill costs, they give a pre-set package of skills (with occasional choices, like you can choose between getting two levels of X or two levels of Y). Most disciplines cost 50 XP (with only the most valuable or rare ones costing more).

The reason this can be helpful in an all-the-same class campaign is that you could give each player an extra 50 XP to spend on their PC during character creation. They can choose to buy one level of a discipline, and diversify their skills, or they can choose to spend those XP on stuff centered on that class.

Unfortunately, the only FWTD disciplines currently in the new system are those found in Price of Power, which are a bit limited in scope. I haven't yet gotten around to converting the old disciplines and making them available as a free errata, as I have for Tibet (!Tibet/Tibet_Up ... plines.pdf). They're not difficult to convert, however. I might convert a few in the next few days if I get a chance.

Re: Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:49 pm
by TechNoPrisoner

I haven't picked up Price of Power yet, but I like the idea of Disciplines as Packages. (RoleMaster Standard System had a similar thing for Training Packages that you spent a certain number of DP on and got a Set of Skill Ranks).
I shall look into getting a copy. It's always been on my list, but we got stuck into a 2-year game of Exalted!

We've never done a one-gang game before, even though the issue has arisen (Vampire, as mentioned, to name but one).
When your 'gang' is your Character Class, it makes it difficult to cover all bases, and some players might have trouble fitting their concept in. But we (most of us!) enjoy a bit of Creative Limitations - but I am waiting for one Special Snowflake (worst case: all players!) to say "Oh, all one gang? That sounds cool! Can I be from a different gang?" :(

I think it will allow a deeper look into the chosen gang, as all players are involved with them, and also nuanced cross-gang politics.

Re: Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:30 pm
by TechNoPrisoner
It has been decided that our "One Gang" game will be using the Workers "gang".
(I know they are not a gang as such, but they all have the same skill-costs etc).

They will be starting at Lvl 2. At character creation they are Workers. They can then spend their 100xp on either Worker skill-costs, or as much/little as they like on ONE Discipline.

The premise is Council Bin Men! :lol:

The PCs will be a crew of Reclamation Technicians, rolling their lorry around the city (usually a set route, but ...), emptying the dumpsters into it, and dumping at the local land-fill site (or possibly a sorting facility to see what can be recycled).

Possible challenges:
Other refuse crews
Council corruption and inneficiency
Strange things found in trash
Routes blocked
Angry Citizens

Possible rewards:
Council corruption (bribes etc)
Strange things found in trash
Grateful Citizens

They will all hopefully have a 'home life', family to look after, friends, and locals to protect.

On The Waterfront (Movie)
Sixteen Tons (Song)
Part of the Union (Song)

Re: Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:20 am
by kingbv
There's a good non-fiction graphic novel called Trashed by Derf Backderf about working as a garbage collector. It has lots of funny and weird and gross incidents that could serve as good inspiration for a game.

I'd imagine some of the "strange things found in the trash" would be dead bodies. I wonder if a group of garbage collector PCs might decide to go vigilante if they keep finding dead bodies in a certain building's trash and the cops don't seem to be doing anything about it.

Re: Game with all PCs from the same gang?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:42 am
by TechNoPrisoner
Oh, Trashed does look good! I shall see about getting a copy!

Yeah, dead bodies, nearly-dead bodies. Quite-alive bodies!
My players will want something 'interesting' ... 'cops refuse to get involved' could qualify. 'Cops really want to get involved' could, too!

No time-scale for actually starting the game yet. A few months, I'm guessing - got to find a break in our epic Exalted game.