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Claim Your Prize

PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:29 pm
by kingbv
Post here to claim your prize. Tell us which 1 Legendary, 5 Amazing or 20 Heroic activities you've done, with as much juicy details as possible, and what prize you want: a PDF of a Vajra book (tell us which book) or a printed copy of Fates, Tibet, In Dark Alleys of Behind the Eyes of Madness where you pay only shipping. We'll private message you with the link to the PDF or to arrange for shipping.

For more details, see the Fan Rewards page at

Re: Claim Your Prize

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:12 pm
by TechNoPrisoner
I'm not sure how many Points I had built up on the old forum (if any), so I'll start again! :)

FWTD games I have run:
Brain Slug campaign - 2008-2010. Focused on a Psychic Plague sweeping the city.
Apocalypse Worse Than Death - Short Mafia-heist game using PbtA rules as test for ...
Convention game - Student National RPG Con 2014 - reprise of Brain Slug, for a 1-day game. (Used Powered-By-The-Apocalypse rules, as I was wanting to try them out)
We Are All Individuals (WAAI)- About to start!

General discussion - mostly at our forum, talking about our Brain Slug game, and intro for WAAI:
Some session write-ups, a few bits of in-character write-up (Jake's Progress, Secret Diary of a Colin Hunter), rules discussions, etc.
Wiki for WAAI campaign - ... =Main_Page
(More will be filled in as Campaign progresses)

My webpage features a FWTD section - including Character Creator, and Combat Calculator

Occasional plug on (in Cyberpink-and-related threads)

I own FWTD (physical copy, starting to get tatty, but not fallen apart ... yet ...), Behind the Eyes of Madness (Physical copy), In Dark Alley (Physical copy), Price of Power (PDF), Tibet (Monastic Edition)

I have posted on Burn immediately a few times.

I'm not sure how many points that counts as. :)
If you'd like any details, please ask!
Or have a read of the links :)