At Vajra, our goal is to create and develop creative properties that are like nothing else out there. We believe that being true to a unique creative vision is a better long-term-strategy than replicating what audiences have already seen and are familiar with. Rather than create a mediocre property that has a weak appeal for a broad audience, our properties capture the passion of a core “cult” audience.
At Vajra we are pioneering new ways of using the internet to integrate our fans in to the company. Around the world, our fans do marketing, research, translation and more. Our core fans are smart and dynamic media consumers who are active in the fan communities of several types of media. Check out our Fan Rewards program for more.
We are also adept at finding the best new talent. We work with artists from around the world. We help artists break in to the world of professional art and in exchange they give us work of quality comparable to big-name artists.
Our goal is to develop our properties across a wide range of media: role playing games, novels, comic books, video games. We start with those media that have low start-up costs, then as the fan base for that property grows and the product gains ‘momentum,’ we develop higher-cost media, knowing that at each step we will find fans of that property waiting for us. Fans can be sure that each new incarnation of the property will retain the same level of quality because at Vajra we do not allow the creative vision of a property to be compromised.

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