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In 1950, Chinese communist soldiers marched in to Tibet. They forced the Tibetans to agree to a slow conversion to Communism. Yet as the number of troops in Tibet grew, so did the intolerance of the Chinese.

It is 1959 and Tibet is a country on the verge of chaos. Tales of Chinese atrocities are spreading. The Chinese seem ready to disband the Tibetan government at any moment. The people fear for the fate of their religious leaders. An anti-Chinese rebellion is slowly engulfing the whole country in warfare.

Yet things in Tibet are not always what they seem. Tibet is a place where ancient mystical teachings have been hidden. The opportunities for enlightenment are powerful, but so are the dangers. Sorcerers, malevolent spirits and cursed ritual objects are just a few of the magical hazards. For all its peace and beauty, Tibet is a harsh and dangerous place where one must be strong or smart to survive.

  • A complete game – no other products needed to play.
  • The first and only RPG based on the real history, religion and mythology of Tibet.
  • A complete game – no other products needed to play.
  • Powerful & flexible character creation system lets players go beyond simple archetypes to create unique and compelling characters.
  • Realistically lethal combat system encourages players to think rather than fight.
  • Complete rules for the quest for enlightenment, and all the dangers and powers found along the way.
  • Two complete introductory adventures.
  • Fan Rewards: Free get free stuff just for playing Tibet.
  • The full pdf of Tibet is available for anyone who bought the full book here.
    Tibet is also available in Catalan and Spanish from Maqui Edicions.

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    Tibet the RPG: Monastic Edition

    This is a free 'lite version' of Tibet the RPG, available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Anyone who has the printed book can download the full version here.

    It's 169 pages and is a complete game, with skills, equipment, a ton of setting information and everything else you'll need to create characters or GM the game.

    However, the Monastic Edition only comes with the character creation options and setting info pertinent to monk characters (four out of the 25 character classes available in the full version). The full commercial version of Tibet is 244 pages.

    To download Tibet the RPG: Monastic Edition you must give us a valid email address. We will send you the download link to this address. We will send you occcasional product updates. We will not give your email to anyone else. We will stop sending you product updates anytime you ask us to.

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    Tibet Game Music
    This free music was created to be played in the background during a Tibet the RPG session.
    Listen to Samples
    Download Music (7.6MB, zip file)



    Instructional Video

    Watch all chapters on YouTube

    Download Videos
    Chapter One - Introduction Small 2MB Large 9MB
    Chapter Two - Society Small 5MB Large 34MB
    Chapter Three - Cosmology Small 8MB Large 33MB
    Chapter Four - Chinese Threat Small 4MB Large 7MB
    Chapter Five - Characters Small 10MB Large 19MB
    Chapter Six - Survival Tips Small 6MB Large 10MB

    Character Sheets
    These Tibet the RPG character sheets are the same as those found in the Tibet game book are free to download and use.
    character sheet (pdf) combat sheet (pdf)

    Online Character Sheet
    You can fill it out and print it. Join the
    Fan Rewards program to gain the ability to save, edit and share your character sheet online. .

    Pregen Characters
    These are some sample starting Tibet characters, suitable for giving to players or using as NPCs.
    Wangmo Dorjee (Fake Sorceress)
    Tsomo Dawa (Blind Ascetic Wanderer)
    Thomas Müller (East German Reporter, Looking to Defect)
    Sandeep Kumaraswami (Dud Tormented Indian Soldier)
    Norzom Nyima (Oracle With an Evil Reputation)
    Norbu Tsomo (Monastic Police Detective)
    Dhondup Lobsang (Yellow Hat Tulku Verifier)
    Bhuchung Sonam (Kagyupa Monk, Skilled at Yoga)

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    What Tibet Ch. Class Am I?

    Answer 20 multiple choice questions and find out which of the 25 character classes from the game best fit your viewpoint.

    Start The Test Now

  • Errata: Core ORC rule changes from In Dark Alleys
  • Like A Serpent A young monk meets an animated phurba. A TIbet short story.
  • Tibet GM Screen A printable 3 page pdf.
  • Saving Denver An original Tibet adventure suitable for level 1 characters.
  • The Handsome Young Monk An original Tibet adventure. Warning: adult themes.
  • Tibet In Brief (pdf) Pages 4 and 5 from the book are a basic overview of the game (also available in Hebrew , Swedish and French ).
  • Tibet vs. America A tabular comparison of 1959 Tibetan and modern American cultures. An excellent introduction for players who know nothing about Tibetan culture and want to get a quick idea of what it's like.
  • Adventure Record A page to print for GMs to keep a record of XP earned during play.
  • Open Game Flyer A ready-to-print flyer for advertising a Tibet game session.
  • Updated Disciplines A listing of Tibet disciplines updated to be compatible with recent revisions of ORC discipline rules.
  • Reviews
  • "It’s interesting and well-written in its own right, and the setting feels particularly rich." -Legion Magazine
  • "It has character classes. It has levels. It has saving throws. It has overly long equipment lists. Does it need any of these things? No, no, no and a thousand times no." -RPGnews.com
  • "...quite, almost coldly, different..." -Games Gazette magazine
  • "...like all strange and mysterious places, its well worth the trip to explore." -gamingreport.com
  • "I think the Tibet RPG is damn good. It's different. It's original. It works." -Gamewyrd.com
  • Tibet Capsule Review at GamesGazette.co.uk
  • "טיבט - משחק תפקידים בדרך להארה" at the-Orc.com
  • "Tibet propose un cadre de jeu original très intéressant." -roliste.com (google translation)
  • "Si l’ambiance de Tibet se veut réaliste, elle n’exclue pas pour autant la magie et le fantastique, ce qui assure une pluralité de possibilités scénaristiques." -Les Chroniques de l'Imaginaire (google translation)
  • "La empresa californiana Vajra nos deleita con otra vuelta de tuerca al concepto de juego de rol..." -Psychocorp.com (google translation)
  • "Een geweldig en origineel rollenspel, dat gemaakt werd met bijzonder veel respect voor de Tibetaanse cultuur." -Cerberus Too Magazine
  • "Ein gutes Buch für alle, die immer schon daran dachten, in Tibet zu spielen." -X-Zine.de (google translation)
  • "A Tibet RPG összességében pofás darab." -rpg.hu
  • Tibet Monastic Edition on roliste.com
  • Tibet the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King
    Cover by Samuel Araya
    Art by Lorie Albrecht, Laura Dubuk, Jason Juta, Britt Martin, Martina Pilcerova
    Game Design Assistance by Tiffany St.Claire-King
    Editorial Assistance by Tiffany St.Claire-King, Nick Page and Diamond Charlotte